In her position as Research Specialist, Ms. Steward, MSW, participates in the design of research studies; develops data collection instruments, and cost analysis activities as they apply to the NCEBPCW. Prior to working with NCEBPCW, Rochon worked at the Atlantic Coast Child Welfare Implementation Center (ACCWIC) where she provided technical assistance to child welfare systems focusing on organizational and practice change. 

Before joining the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Rochon worked on the Baltimore Pediatric Eye Disease Study (BPEDS), Office of National Drug Controls Policy and their Drug Free Community Coalition and the Guided Care Project all aligned with Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, through Battelle, Centers for Public Health and Evaluation. 

Since her early career in human services, Rochon has continued to focus her interests in family well-being and improving social capital through program and policy development. Rochon received her MSW from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Howard University.