Our team brings extensive, dynamic expertise in subject areas that are essential to sustaining systemic and practice changes in provider organizations and systems such as child welfare and children’s behavioral health. We have worked nationally and internationally in the areas of workforce and professional development as well as implementation and evaluation of evidence-based services.

Certified Trainers and Consultants

The NCEBPCW is proud to recognize the following key partners:

Mental health Trainers/ Consultants:

Isaura Rodriguez, BA, ABD, New York City

Jesse Callan, MSW, Maryland

Julia Greene, MA, Maryland

Tiffani Harrison, MAMFT, Oklahoma

Laura Jacobs, MSW, Oklahoma


Child Welfare Trainers/ Consultants:

Sharon Gibbs-Salisbury, MSW New York City

Michelle Yulfo, MAMFT, New York City                     

Megan Mitchell, MSW, Oklahoma

Katie Morris Henson,  MHR, Oklahoma